It's time to pack up for your big move!

Here’s a helpful list of 12 items to pack last and keep handy.

  1. Box cutter. Don’t pack this item at all! It’s the first thing you’ll need to open up all those boxes.
  2. Alarm clock. You don’t want to be out the door late on the first morning at your new home. If your alarm clock doesn’t have a radio component you may want to keep a radio or CD player handy so you can enjoy some music while you work.
  3. Light bulbs and a small lamp (perhaps a flashlight too). It may be dark when you finally move in.
  4. Supplies. Cleaning supplies and paper towels – you’ll want to give your new home a once-over. You’ll also want to make sure you have toilet paper, toiletries and a towel, even a change of clothes for the first day in your new place. If you are on regular medication it’s very important to keep it handy.
  5. A copy of your lease and some personal ID, such as a driver’s licence. If you’re opening a new chequing account and applying for utilities you’ll need proof of your new address.
  6. Sufficient cash. It sounds silly, but if you’re moving far and opening a new bank account you may have to wait for your first cheque to clear. Traveler’s cheques won’t hurt either.
  7. Cell phone with charger or regular landline telephone with plug if your new line is hooked up. Put these items within reach. There’s always potential for an emergency.
  8. Address book or PDA. Keep those important telephone numbers handy.
  9. Snacks and pizza or fast food numbers and coupons. You’re going to work up a hunger, somoving-1 think about treating yourself to a quick bite or your first food delivery call.
  10. Lots to drink. Have plenty of water, pop, juice or other refreshments, and some drinking glasses. Dehydration is a sneaky beast, so be prepared. Thirst always seems to come first, particularly if you have to lug that stuff by yourself.
  11. The tool box. Hammers and screwdrivers, Allen keys, nails and screws, Scotch tape, duct tape and especially a tape measure.
  12. Extension cords and batteries. It seems everything’s electric these days. Computers, CD players, your iPod and cell phones are all little gizmos you can’t live without. It makes sense to keep that extension cord and fresh pack of batteries within easy reach.
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