Renovations Advice

Rethink, Rebuild, Rework or Rejuvenate?

By: Glen Peloso

When you’re planning a renovation, sometimes the cost of altering or reusing things can be more than just starting again. Meeting building code requirements can also dictate that things have to be changed. The other issue we all want to be conscious of is the environment, in terms of what we put in the house and what we send to the landfill as a result of renovations.

Evaluating the structure of the house is the most important place to start. You want to make sure you have solved any problems with heat loss, insulation, water leaks and drafty windows. You can’t enjoy a beautiful new décor when your space is too hot or cold. Spend your money wisely by taking care of the structure first.

The next step, as you begin to finish the space, is to understand what you already get for free. You should capitalize on an exposed brick wall or fantastic ceiling detail, for example. If it isn’t broken, then you don’t need to fix it.

The best rule of thumb is to be trendy in the areas that are most easily changed. You want to work with neutral hard surfaces and trendy soft surfaces. If something is difficult to change, such as flooring, make it neutral; if it’s easy to change, like window dressings, feel free to be as trendy as you like.

Sometimes all we’re really looking for is a change to rejuvenate not only our enviroHouse with exposed roof layers and plansnment but also our spirits – which often go together. Perhaps all we need is new flooring, a really great wall colour or even a selection of updated accessories. To make the most of your budget, it’s wise to consult a professional in the field and then plunge right in.

Good planning helps you to understand where best to invest your money for a great return, both emotionally and financially. Perhaps it needs to be rebuilt or reworked, which will rejuvenate your love for it all over again!

Glen Pelosoprincipal designer of Glen Peloso Interiors, Inc., has been designing spaces for commercial, corporate and residential clients for 15 years. You’ll recognize Glen as the host of such television design shows as Restaurant Makeover, Take This House & Sell It, and Renovate My Wardrobe, to name a few.