Your Moving Checklist

Here’s your moving checklist! Use this checklist to make sure you remember important moving dates and deadlines. We’ve taken the worry out of moving by thinking of almost everything!

8 weeks before move

  • Arrange to transfer school records if you have children.
  • Obtain your post office’s change of address kit.
  • Contact insurance companies to notify them of the move.
  • Start a “Move File” for all receipts, papers and estimates related to your move.

6 weeks before move

  • Schedule pick-up and delivery dates with your moving company. If you need storage, make arrangements with your moving company now.
  • Gather all your personal records from doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants, church, school, etc.
  • Sort items you don’t intend to take to your new location. Plan a date for a garage sale.

4 weeks before move

  • Schedule disconnection dates with your local utility companies.
  • Notify new utility companies of connect dates in the new home.
  • Cancel newspaper delivery and trash pickup effective on your move date.
  • Reconfirm dates for packing, pick up and delivery with your mover.

2 weeks before move

  • Take care of financial arrangements like transferring bank accounts, contents of safe deposit box, notify your broker or investment counselor and settle any outstanding bills.
  • Consider a sitter for kids and pets on moving day.
  • Drain oil and gas from all your power equipment.

1 week before move

  • Clean out refrigerator and defrost freezer.
  • Have your car serviced if you will be driving a long distance.
  • Confirm connect dates for utilities in your new home.

Moving day

  • Spend the entire day at home with the movers/packing.
  • Carry any valuables or family heirlooms with you.
  • Right before the movers leave, take a final tour of your home, making sure nothing has been left in drawers or closets and that all doors and windows are locked.
  • Specify a “Do Not Move” area where you place items you do not want the movers to take with them.
  • Furnace turned down or off, lights turned off.
  • Door and windows shut and locked.
  • Keys left as agreed.

At your new address

  • Obtain numbers needed in an emergency such as the fire department and police.
  • Check with post office to see if there is any mail that is being held for you.
  • Enroll children in school.